Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
American Society for Quality
I received my certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality in 2009. I continue to hold lectures and run workshops in Six Sigma principles to maintain my active certification status. You can view my certification status on ASQ’s website below.
Global Logistics Expertise
Quality/Inventory Control, Supply Chain, Demand Planning
I have designed manufacturing and assembly processes for organizations worldwide as well as consulted on global logistics design for Fortune 100 companies manufacturing overseas. To-date my process improvements have resulted in $20+ million in additional revenue.
Healthcare Process Designer
Facility Design, Data Science, Lean Design
In addition to manufacturing I’ve worked as an IE in the healthcare sector, focusing on improving patient outcomes and hospital operations. I’ve worked in local hospitals as well as the Veterans Administration as part of a special team of Industrial Engineers called VERC.

Certified Lean

Leveraging data, processes and technology to reduce waste and variability

As a Six Sigma Black Belt and innovation designer I’ve worked across multiple organizations, manufacturing facilities and hospitals to optimize their process while improving employee engagement and output. I’ve designed new processes, developed new products for manufacturing optimization and identified new technology innovations to drive bottom-line growth.

Global Logistics Engineer

Leveraging new innovations to drive global efficiencies

I’ve led design and innovation workshops and projects for multinational organizations to better leverage Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain/DLT’s, and A.I. to optimize their global logistics operations. I also led all order and logistics design and operation for my startup which had sales in 13 countries.

Healthcare Designer

Building products and brands from the ground up.

Early in my Industrial Engineering path I identified with the importance of using these tools to create better outcomes for people, vs. optimizing systems. That led me to the hospital industry where I spent my time developing new operations and procedures hospitals to minimize errors, reduce costs, and most importantly improve the patient experience.