Mobile Strategy Consultant
Subject Matter Expertise
I’ve helped clients across various industries including consumer goods and services, B2B, government, non-profit and entertainment think strategically about their mobile strategy, ensuring we are identifying and solving key customer needs.
Interaction Designer
User Experience Champion
I’ve designed numerous apps over the years for clients and myself, leveraging my deep understanding of Design Thinking, Graphic Design and Human Centered Design to create truly compelling and engaging user experiences for our targeted audiences.
Mobility Futurist
User Interaction Predictor
I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming, ideating and prototyping with some of the best futurists, education institutions, and mobile experts across entertainment, AR & VR, mobility, commerce and healthcare to design and develop the future mobile experiences of tomorrow.


Here is a sample of some of the mobile experiences I've created over the years.

+ Apps Launched
+ Global User Downloads
+ Screens Designed

Companies I've worked with

Reebok ONE Network

The largest global physical trainer mobile platform developed

Strategy Lead
In charge of business strategy and design
I was the 3rd person added to the project and became in charge of design strategy and implementation, leading into full operation. I managed a team of 78 employees and contractors.
Trainer Community Space
A place to share ideas and get insights
Certified trainers get a free profile space that included a vanity url of their choice. Trainers can connect with other trainers, get insights and help with certifications, promote their content, or see what’s new from Reebok and industry partners.
Discounted Gear
10% off all gear
Accepted trainers on the site received a 10% discount on all new products, and are able to showcase which products they use and recommend.
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New Revenue Streams
Mobile-first product sales
Within 5 years of the initial U.S. launch the Reebok ONE Network was earning over $20 million in new revenue, with most sales coming from high-margin, new seasonal products.
Commission Sales
Earn 10% on all gear sold
Trainers can use their vanity URL to promote recommended products directly to their students/members. Every sale made on their page is processed through, and earns 20% commission of the net sales, generating millions in new revenue for trainers.
Global Community
Available in over 18 countries
3 years after the initial market launch in the United States the Reebok ONE Network was in 14 countries and 9 languages in markets across North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.
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A Mobile-Centric Wellness Experience

I led a consulting team of 10 designers over 1 year to identify an opportunity in the health and wellbeing space for a Fortune 50 organization. We ideated and developed an omni-channel holistic wellbeing experience that combined retail experiences, consumer products, artificial intelligence and mobile applications to drive consumers towards positive behaviors.

Pump To Mobile

Ad Campaign

  • Rapid Design & Launch
    Two designers and myself designed, built, tested and launched the Pump To mobile ad campaign in 3 days for Reebok's launch of the new Pump running shoe series.
  • Powerful Engagement
    The Pump To campaign received more user submissions, impressions and coverage than all other paid media and campaigns globally for Pump product launch.
  • Iterative Mobile Innovation
    The success of Pump To led to the design of a new way of working to quickly design, develop and launch mobile and social campaigns.
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A New Way to Install Flooring

I co-led a team asked to create a new consumer offering for one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world. We developed a new business and brand, along with a mobile experience that allows anyone to easily measure their room with their phone and buy the exact amount of flooring needed.

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Mobile expertise across any industry

Let me know how I can help your organize take your mobile experiences to the next level

Since 2007 when the original iPhone launched I’ve been ideating and designing mobile experiences. I believe we’ve only begun to tap the potential of mobility in our day-to-day lives and I’m excited to play a role in developing the future. If you’d like to discuss anything mobile or just want to talk, feel free to reach out anytime.

  • Mobile Business Strategy and Execution

  • App Design & Development
  • Mobility and Technology Futurist