Neptune 66

From 2005-2009 I was the lead guitarist in the pop-punk band Neptune 66.

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Raw Talent Guitar

RTG is a startup I co-founded that teaches guitar to beginners interested in playing. Here are some music legends that I was fortunate enough to meet and get their endorsement.

Music Theory

Raw Talent Guitar

  • Included with RTG Software
    Before the launch of our guitar education software, we decided a book to support the lessons was needed. This book covers everything a beginner guitarist should learn in their first 2 years of development.
  • Self-Designed and Published
    I wrote, designed and developed the entire manual, which required extensive knowledge of music theory and guitar theory.
  • 10,000+ Downloads
    To-date the Raw Talent Guide Book has been downloaded and used as a reference for over 10,000 aspiring guitarists.