Patented Inventor
I have three patents registered with the United States Patent Office. Two of the patents regard the music evaluation technology we created for my startup, Raw Talent Guitar. I received the third patent while working with Bose on new consumer audio technology.
Design Thinking Expert
Working at IDEO I have become a champion of the Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design process. Over the years I’ve developed numerous products and services that have found success in the market on almost every continent.
I built several product and service companies from the ground up, putting my own money where my mouth and creativity is. In total my startups have generated over $3 million in sales, and I continue to build new ventures as a pastime with friends and family.

Patented Inventor and

Designing and launching the products and experiences that create our future.

My portfolio of work includes 4 awarded patents by the United States Patent Office. These patents represent technology and consumer products that I designed and built as part of startup organizations and as a consultant for international organizations. As of 2020 I am currently in the process of securing 2 more patents around new blockchain technology.

Expert Consultant and Practitioner of Design Thinking.

Considering all the facets of the customer experience.

As an expert in Design Research and the Design Thinking process I have worked with organizations big and small to help them gain a deeper sense about their customers and the latent needs yet to be unearthed. My work as a Design Researcher cuts across most industries, and I have served as a Design Research expert for major institutions and government organizations.

Entrepreneur and Investor

As a serial entrepreneur I’m always interested in bringing new products and services to market and seeing what makes a connection with users. I’ve co-founded 5 companies and helped start 3 more, all based on the mission of providing value-added services to customers and the broader world. While some have reached higher then others each startup was an amazing learning experience that continues to payout to this day.